CMT 4 Me

Embracing My CMT: Strategies For Building A Fulfilling Life

January 19, 2023 Chris and Elizabeth Ouellette Season 1 Episode 20
CMT 4 Me
Embracing My CMT: Strategies For Building A Fulfilling Life
Show Notes

Happy New Year! Thank you for tuning into the first CMT 4 Me episode of 2023! We are excited to kick off the year by sharing the story of Maddie, a young woman in grad school at the University of Virginia who was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease at age 12. In this episode, Maddie shares:

  • Insight into how she copes with CMT and deals with inner dialogues
  • Tips for newly diagnosed individuals
  • Strategies for introducing herself as a person with CMT to the world
  • The importance of support systems in navigating life with CMT

Tune in to hear Maddie's inspiring journey and the valuable advice she offers to those living with CMT.

New episodes featuring inspiring people from the CMT community drop every third Thursday of the month.

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Released January 19th 2023

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