CMT 4 Me

Bethany Meloche Talks Depression & CMT

March 23, 2022 Chris and Elizabeth Ouellette Season 1 Episode 10
CMT 4 Me
Bethany Meloche Talks Depression & CMT
Show Notes
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • The moment Bethany realized body and mind were sick.
  • Overwhelmed, Anxious, and Depressed.
  • The shocking things people say!
  • Marriage: Support is a 2-way street.

In her 30 years on this planet with CMT, author, CMT community advocate, teacher, and YouTube influencer, Bethany Meloche, has led a full and enriching life filled with adventure, travel, reflection, and passion. When COVID spread throughout the world, long shadows crept into her everyday existence, creating isolation, fear, illness, pain and loss of ability.

With brutal honesty, Bethany describes her descent into despair, where the darkness threatened to swallow her whole. Ultimately, adversity never did stand a chance, as her strength and resiliency shone forth, providing fertile ground for profound growth and insight.

Today, she takes us for a ride of a lifetime, where joy, possibility, and dreams are still mightily present.

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